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Are you a tenant that has been presented with a lease and don’t know where to begin? Do you know what you’re signing?

Are you a landlord who needs to draw up a lease and address basic issues of tenancy, but many other contingent events? For an important deal such as drafting and negotiating a lease, every landlord and tenant should have an attorney review, and if needed, re‑draft their leases for each unique situation.


Leasing a Space – What are you signing?

Lease-Agreement-Attorney-Mt-Holly-NJIt is generally known that most small business owners lease space from a landlord.  However, when the landlord presents the business tenant with the lease, few tenants know what to look out for, and because they are just worried about the monthly rate, they end up getting stuck with terms they did not quite understand or even knew existed on the lease! Even if your landlord is seemingly fair and ethical, business tenants still need an attorney to review initial drafts of their leases. If you are leasing a property, it is extremely important you know the terms of your lease exactly. Furthermore, since many small businesses do not have established business credit, these leases contain personal guarantees that do not benefit the tenant in the event of a dispute. The lease lawyers at Weishoff & Richards can negotiate terms and conditions that are make sure the needs of the tenant are met.


Crafting a Lease as a Tenant

If you are a landlord, how did you come up with your lease forms?  Are they a basic form from a boilerplate template, do they only address basic issues of tenancy, do they cover the many other contingent events that could arise? Furthermore, does the lease comply with the specific laws of the State? Does the lease contain provisions for every event? It should. Landlords need to address it all from the start of a lease, so this lease should be complete and well crafted.  At Weishoff & Richards, our lease attorneys can properly draft a residential lease that’s up to date and offers the landlord maximum protection from tenant disputes. At the very least, every landlord should have an attorney review on their lease, and if needed, re‑draft their leases for each unique situation with a tenant. A small investment today with an experienced lease attorney can save you thousands of dollars in court issues with a tenant.


The lease lawyers at Weishoff & Richards can negotiate terms and conditions that are reasonable and balanced for all parties involved. Some of the lease related services we offer include:


Lease Drafting


Whether you are a tenant of industrial, office, retail, residential, multi-family, land, or something else, at Weishoff & Richards, we draft leases that comprehensively cover your exact needs and those specific to each unique situation. This lease can be drafted perfectly to reflect the goals and intentions between parties; nothing boilerplate about it. Ambiguity is often a primary source of conflict, and court issues can cost tens of thousands of dollars. At Weishoff & Richards we will make sure all major and minor elements in your lease are fully covered, so that you can avoid conflict and court.


Lease Education and Consulting

Are you a tenant who has been presented with a lease and don’t know where to begin?  As a business dealing, landlords often put forth everything they want in a deal and wait to see if those terms are blindly accepted. You need someone to read between the lines to avoid misunderstandings and explain ambiguities. Alternatively, you are allowed to express your needs and wants as tenants, to be sure the lease is fair to you as well.


Lease Review and Negotiation

Are you a tenant who would like attorney review on your already crafted lease? At Weishoff & Richards, one of our experienced lease attorneys will review the lease to make sure it is a fair deal and covers your basis.


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